Dlink wifi router : Wireless Broadband Routers: wireless router setup

Dlink wifi router : Wireless Broadband Routers: wireless router setup

Hello friends, welcome today, I will demonstrate how to setup broadband wireless router let’s start I have dlink broadband wifi router I will configure it for internet you can see it is already powered on you can see indications it is power indication it is wifi indication.

You can see small indication when we connectbroadband connection, it lights up you can see 1234 counting they are lan ports indication you can see it is yellow port it is known as wan port we connect broadband connection here I have broadband connection.

A black ethernet cable is terminated by ISP with rj45 connector let me show you it is broadband connection wire let’s plug this wire to wan port like this you can see lan ports we connect computer or laptop to lan ports with ethernet cable I have an ethernet cable let me show you you can see it is rj45 connector we can connect it to any lan port like this 2nd end will be connected to computer’s lanport.

You can see small reset button we use this button for factory reset of router just press this button for 5 to 10 seconds then we release it as we release it router automatically reboots & router factory reset is completed you can see sticker on bottom you can see model no. dir 600m default ip I will access web page from this ip address you can see credential user name ‘Admin’password ‘blank’ it is mac address.

let’s connect ethernet cable to lan port of computer you can see lan port of computer I will connect yellow ethernet cable to lanport you can see blinking lights in lan card you can see 3rd no. lights up I have connected ethernet cable to router’s 3rd lan port you can see internet lights up it means broadband link is coming but we have to configure it for internet connection.

let’s move to computer screen & access web page firstly, check the ip address you can see no internet access local area connection details you can see ip address default gateway it is default ip of router.

I will login web page from this ip address you can see dhcp enabled by default dhcp server is enabled in wifi router computer obtain automatic ip note a option must be selected in lan card obtain an ip address automatically let’s type ip address of router it is web page you can see computer is already connected to router internet is not configured that is why it is showing cross you can see connection type dhcp, pppoe, static I will setup pppoe service provider has given me username, password I will type username, password here you can see ssid it is the name of wifi network.

We can change it it is password of wifi I will not configure it now I prefer advance network setting for setting let me set default dhcp click on save & connect it is login page default username ‘Admin’ password ‘blank’ click on login let’s open setup internet setup I will select pppoe in wan access type let me type username here password service name is optional leave it blank.

I will select continous in connection type it will be default click on apply changes click on local network you can see ip address you can see by default dhcp server is enabled you can see it is range from 2 to 254 I prefer in dns server 1 & in dns server 2 click apply changes let’s open wireless you can see ‘Enable SSID Broadcast’ it is enabled by default ssid is network name .

let me change it you can have auto in channel I prefer channel no. 11 we can setup wifi password in security options let’s select wep authentication is automatic I will type password in key 1 there is a condition number should be 0 to 9 alphabets should be A to F we cannot use special characters like @ # $ sign & if we select wpa psk then we can use special characters, numbers, alphabets let me type password [email protected] click on apply ok now, wifi router is configured for internet check status sroll down you can see link up in status pppoe it is internet ip we are using pppoe connection wireless enabled ssid my pc support encryption wpa channel 11 you can see internet access let’s check you can see internet is working.

let’s check wifi I have already connected usb wifi dongle I have already disabled it let’s disable local area connection let’s enable it I have already uploaded a video how to install wireless usb adapter you can visit my channel you can see not connected just click on it it is wifi network name just click & connect.

let’s type password you can see hide characters option if we click on it password hide ok it is connected you can see internet access it is also showing wifi network name you can see here my pc support let’s check the ip address you can see same issued ip address same ip address was issued in lan card & default gateway 0.1 dhcp is enabled this router can be configured as a repeater mode.

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