Java vs Python – What should I learn in 2020? | Java and Python Comparison

Java vs Python - What should I learn in 2020? | Java and Python Comparison

Today if you talk about career in an ITindustry has grown immensely.

In today’s world Java and Python are the twoof the hottest programming language famous famous among the developers.

Hello today will focus on what are the major differences between the language that made some coders choose Java white other Python. So without dealing any further Let’s move ahead and see how Java and Python are different from each other and how you should decide which one fits your goals better.

Starting with what is Java. Java is an objectoriented platform independent programming language which is used for developing various applicatuions including mobile applications and web applications.

Next we have is what is Python. Python is a simple open source an objectoriented programming language which is generally used for artificial intelligence, machine learning,web development and many.

Let’s compare these two language on the basis of some parameters. Starting with a number one we have speed.

So in terms of speed, Java is faster than python as it is a statistically typed and compiled language. It takes less time to execute a code. On the other hand Python is a dynamically typed and an interpreted language and determines the type of data or the data type of thevariable at the run time, thereby making it relatively slower than Java.

The phrase dynamically typed meansthat Python perform typed checking at run time. While the statistically typed languages likeJava, it perform the checking at the compile time.

So this was about how Python and Java differin term of speed. So moving on ahead next parameter we do we is code and syntax. Let’s compare Java & Python on the base of code and syntax.

First is lines of code. As you can see it on the screen we have somejava code on the left and Python code on the right. If you write the same program inJava or Python You’ll find that Java has more lines of codesthan Python and it’s because whatever you do in Java.

You need to start your program with a classand then put your desired methods inside. This sometimes is very annoying and it doeswaste your time but if you see in case of Python you can simply start writing your code andexecute it.

If you focus the example on your screenyou can see that we have Java code on our left and Python code on the right and justfor printing a statement in Java you need to have three to four lines of code and withso many opening and curly braces. But in case of Python.

All you need is just one line. That’s it. If you talk about file handling in case ofJava you have to write almost 10 lines of code. Whereas if you consider a python all you need towrite is just two lines of codes. That’s right. So this was about line of codes.

So next parameter that we have the compare is variable declaration and semi colon. So in case of Java both the variable declarationand the semi colon are must but in case of python none of them are required.

What I’m trying to say over here is supposewhen you’re declaring a variable in case of Java you have to specify the data type of the variable and you have to end that statement with a semicolon.

By while in case of Python You don’t need to specify the data type of the variable. Python automatically detect the data type of the variable and even you don’t needto specify semicolon at the end.

If in case of Python you are specifying thatdata type or a semicolon at the end you’ll get an error. Next we have is indentation. Whetheryou are writing a program in Python Java or any other language it would be good for you if you are using indentation and it makes your code look more readable logical and easily understandable for other programmers.

Well if you see on the left in case of Javayou have multiple blocks defined within curly braces but you don’t have to worry about itsindentation or structure how it is written. you won’t get any error If you miss the indentation. Right.

But that is not the case in Python.Indentation is must in Python. It is one of the most important thing thatyou must have. You’ll get an error if you miss the indentationin your python code.

Next we have is classes and objects. Both theprograms on your screen will give you the same result. one on them is written in Java while other is written in Python. In Java.

we have a parameterized constructor which have some parameters or attributes associated with it. We are defining a function as show which is usedto print the result.

And finally we are calling the main functionto perform our final step. But now if you see in case of Python we areusing in it method which is somewhat similar to constructor in Java. You can notice that we’re using and self.

salary to initialize a state of the instance. And also note that We are not using any specific main functionin Python. So this is how you define your classes andobject in Java & Python Well these are some of the points where Javaand Python defer and the base of their code and syntax.

Let’s move ahead to our next parameter So on no third we have is practical agility. Well if you talk about the practical agilityof both the programming languages then it that case Java is more popular for mobile and web application on the other hand python is used for machine learning, IoT, AI artificial intelligence, deep learning, programming and many more.

you’ll find wide application of Python allover the world. So this was about how the Java and Pythonis being used in the industry.

Now next will talk about ease of learning. So now that you know how Java and Python differson the basis of their code syntax and the practical agility. So a question might arise in your mind Like.

which one of them is easy to learn. Right?Java or Python? What do you should choose. Well when it comes to learning and objectoriented programming language you might consider starting with either python. or Java. Python can be more user friendly thanJava as it has a more intuitive coding style.

Both the language have the unique advantagesfor developer an end user. However If you are beginning your path towards your programming career i would suggest that you can start by learning python as it is lesscomplex. Next in the last parameter we have is trend and salary.

If you look at the search result andtrend of both python in Java you will see that in case of US, the trend for python is increasing and is dominating the search for job While in case of India the trend for Java in 5 years is decreasing constantly and for Python it’s increasing continuously.

Let me tell you about a recent survey whichwas done by association for computing machinery. It was found that Python has surpassed Java as most popular language to introduce students to programming.

The survey found that 8 of the top 10 computer science departments in the US now use Python to teach coding. Python is becoming more popular in the academic world only three or four years as it is being taught as early ashigh school and to college.

There are several reasons for this shift including that Python is a general purpose language which means that can be used to build almost anything. The language is great for backing up developingdata analysis artificial intelligence and scientific computing.

In addition to its efficient uses it can beused to create gains productivity on fixed up hours for computer savvy a boob job onbite and developed.

You will see docked with diamond expedients both will give you a good sound as a threshold item will give you a better salary when compared to the job because of its increased demands and recent this demand is increased becausenowadays most of the jobs are oriented to gaming artificial intelligence automationand scientific computing which again mostly use Python or Java.

But if you compare the salary of an experiencedPython and Java developer you can see that Java has dominated over time. The solid experienced Java profession thatis more than when compared to that of a fight inevitable and it’s all because Java has beenin the industry way long before Python even became.

If you talk about 2018 according to a newarticle the average salary of Java developer in the US was that hundred underdone one thousandseventy seven dollars.

But as of June 2008 java developer at Applewould earn an average of two hundred and fourteen thousand dollars per month.

How would the python available at the samelevel on the salary of a hundred and fourteen thousand four hundred ninety dollars. But on an average.

So this was a body salary and training forJava and by. Move ahead. So as a beginner What should I unforced Java. A bite. If you’re relatively new to programming areyou planning to start your period.

Computer Science and genetic then in thatcase I’d recommend you to start with Java. Because it would help you to understand theinner workings of the programming us link.

Python after Java would help you to understandhow actually it makes things easier for you. Let me make my point mostly evident allergylet’s say you want to hear the. Voice what you would do. You learn the technique and build up yourstrength and stamina.

You run the boarding groups walking on tostrengthen your bones and joints get a bead yes being full size that depends if you’reusing blades and waste a lot of effort and effort. Until you actually learn how to run rightnow consider as a Java.

We have to perform the hot Bosco and learningit. Like. And now when you have become a rhino but youare ready to start running. You lose all the weight and start dashingfeel the freedom and normal boarding.

If I did stuff like does the open door andall the exciting goes hells insanity because we are alone so you won’t get injured on yoursteps. And now you can compare this as fight andafter you went job the loading must be fit.

But it was nice saying what if you’re alreadyinto programming and your experience experienced bergamot so does that you should know andfight ensues. As it comes with easier said so thank youguys.

This was all for this session. I like you to tell us which of them is better.

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