Top 10 Programming Languages In 2020 | Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

Top 10 Programming Languages In 2020 | Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

Programming languages havebeen shaping our Market since the beginningof IT era.

Now, This is the reasonwhy there are dozens of programming languagesthese days in the industry. So we have put together a listof top 10 programming languages that you have to learnto succeed in the year 2020.

So without Much Ado,let’s get started. Aden At number 10,we have PHP now. It is one of those veryprominent languages that has been aroundfor quite a while now.

It is mostly used for developingDynamic and data heavy apps and websites now 80% of all the top 10 million socialmedia websites have been built off of PHP a few verygood examples are Facebook and Wikipedia.

Now, this languageis simple fast and platform-independentwith a wide repository of And 24,000 on GitHub and a very large communityto back it up. Now PHP has Frameworks such ascakephp laravel Symphony and Falcon and verybig industry players like Oracle HCL and Motorola are readily hiring PHP Developers for an average of a hundred and two thousanddollars per year.

Moving on to number nine wehave Swift now Swift is an object-oriented blockstructured programming language, which boasts features such asbetter readability speed and dynamic libraries.

Now, it is due to these features that it ensureslesser arrows reduces application size as wellas betters performance. Now this programming languagewas made specifically for application development.

As a matter of factApple organization switch from Objective C to Swift, which also justifies itInfluence on Mac OS watch OS and other Apple apps now Swifthas two major Frameworks namely cocoa and cloudkit. It also has more than a hundredand fifty six thousand repositories on GitHub companiessuch as Amazon Walmart and apple arereadily hiring employees who are goodat Swift programming at an average salary of $125,000per annum at number 8.

We have C sharp C sharp is a Object-oriented programminglanguage with a comprehensive set of libraries. Now. This makes the execution and compilation of programs lightning-fast now Csharp major Lee used with frameworkis used to design web forms and windows applications with over 19,000repositories on GitHub.

It is one of the verypopular languages when it comes to game development, especially in Xboxvirtual reality Games and unity 3D games twoof the major Frameworks that are used with C sharp.

Don’t let and xamarin and companies such asintellect soft Phillips and capgemini arehiring highly skilled, c-sharp developerswith an average salary of 78 thousand dollars per annum at number 7 on our listwe have kotlin now kotlin was one of the mosttrending programming languages of the Year 2019 and it is expected to experienceeven more growth in the year 2020 now kotlinis a Google endorsed cross.

Platform general-purposeprogramming language, which has recently made it to the favoritesof most developers when it comesto Android app development. Now cotton comes with featuressuch as interoperability with Java as well asAndroid Studio support which helps you write less code with a fewer bugs nowfew Frameworks you use with kotlin our caterer.

What x and spring nowwhat kotlin is fairly new in the market. It can boast a communityof over 73,000. GitHub and while a lot of companies are hiringCortland developers a few prominent ones area total length card Pinterest and base camp now an averagesalary for kotlin developer is over a hundred and twentythousand dollars per year.

At number 6 we havethe r programming language now are is most popularfor a statistical analysis and data science.

It is not just an opensource programming language, but it comes withcross-platform compatibility and over 6 million repositorieson GitHub with features like these it is usuallyfeatured in the financial domain when it comes to buildingstatistical models as well as analyzing fraudulent transactions a fewhighlights at the part of our are the ability to create Web applications as well asgiving an enriching library of over 10,000 plus packages for diverse means now oneof the most famous ID is used for our is our studio.

And if you’re skilledin our programming you can get hired from companiessuch as Facebook Twitter and Google for an average salary of over a hundred and twentyone thousand dollars per annum.

At the fifth position we have golang now developed by thetech giant Google itself goal and boosts featuressuch as concurrency, which is very difficult to comeby other programming languages.

Now Google’s versatility as a company definitelyreflects in this language as it rules domains such as machine learning right upto web development, but it’s highlight hasto be system development, which is Possible only due to golang scopefor high scalability.

Despite being relativelynew goal and does have a few solid Frame Works under its belt namelywe have Rebel and Bebo now, it has a budding community of over a hundred and tenthousand repositories on GitHub and companies such asCisco capgemini springboard and teksystems are hiringDevelopers for over a hundred and seventy thousanddollars per annum.

The first position we seemto have a tire C and C++. These are oftenthe programming languages which act as stepping stonesfor budding programmers.

Now both of these languagescontinue to retain their functionality and popularity despitethe availability of a few other quality Alternativesin the modern market now, they rule about 20%of the entire coding World. Thanks to the Legacy system aswell as a few inherent features.

Both of these languagesboast a big Blowing on GitHub with see at9 million repositories and C++ at a hundred and fourteenthousand a few examples of successes on bothof these languages are eBay and Spotify for C and Adobe and Oraclefor C++ major companies that are hiring developer skilled in these languages our HP while the way Wipro IBMand phone pay hiring developers at an average salary of a hundred and fourteenthousand dollars per annum.

What that we moved on to our top threeat number three, we have JavaScript universallyknown as the language of the web developers. JavaScript is afeature-rich object-oriented scripting language.

Now, what started as a simpleclient-side scripting language now boasts major Frameworksfor both front-end and back-end development a fewof the popular Frameworks based on JavaScript arenodejs react.js angular View and meteor not just that if you have My scripton your resume.

It opens up doorsof opportunities from you from Tech startupsto Tech giants like Google Facebook Dell andsap each offering a median of a hundred and twelvethousand US dollars.

Not just that JavaScript boastsa huge Community following of 600,000 plus repositorieson GitHub Israel. At number 2 on this list.

We have none other than Javanow Java is the most popular programming language when it comes to number of job openingswidespread Community acceptance and developers Community. Now Java isan open source language and relatively easy to learn.

It Prides itself on a number of powerful features such asstrong memory management backwards compatibilitytop-notch security and high-performance.

It is a cross-platformprogramming language with serves as the base for Of Frameworkssuch as spring strut and hibernate a number of programmers startas Java developers in the IT industry and why not as a Java developer you bag a hundred and fifteenthousand dollars per annum from top-notch companiessuch as HCL Wipro Tech Mahindra and capgemini not just that Java hasa huge active community on GitHub with over1.2 million repositories.

Now finally, we’ve made itto the top of our list at number one as all of youmight already have guessed yet. Again. We have python now python is an open-sourced object-orientedinterpreted language.

Mostly used to developgraphical user interfaces. Now these Geo eyes are usedfor Imaging softwares, like inkscape and paintshop pro. Not just that multiplepopular Frameworks such as Django flask and pyramid and apps such asthe Google app engine are also based off of Not just that we’re going to is ubiquityinstaller as well as fedoras.

Anaconda installerare written in Python. Now python is an easy-to-use general-purposeprogramming language, which is easily integratedwith c as well as C plus plus it also providescross browser support now with over 1 millionrepositories on GitHub and an average packageof 120 thousand US Dollars.

No wonder a python is one of the most desiredprogramming skills for the year 2020 with a python skill set. You can land companies such as Google FacebookInstagram Spotify and paytm very easily this year.

Now. This concludes my list ofthe top 10 programming languages for the year 2020. Now there are a fewother languages such as Julia Ruby rough scholar and Arduino which almostmade it to the list, but somehow miss the marked with the growing rateof their popularity.

Pretty sure you willfind these languages on our list the next year now in case this video sparkedup your interest in any of these programming languagesdo .

So if you wantto upscale yourself for the year 2020 at Eurekais the right choice for you. Also if you think we have missedout a programming language in the list or you would like to modify this list in any anyway, kindly drop in your suggestions in the comment section below and we shall be glad to hearfrom you with that.

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