What is C++, Its Introduction and History | CPP Programming

What is C++, Its Introduction and History | CPP Programming

Hi welcome to the tutorial on C plus plus programming language. With we are starting a brand series on C++ programming language and this is specially designed for the absolute beginners.

you don’t need any programming experienceto get started but if you happen to have some programming knowledge then it will definitely help.

All right, now in this video we will see youwhat exactly is C plus plus and when it was created why it was created? You know a bit information about the historyof the C++.

so first of all what exactly is C plus plus? Now all of you know that a computer is anelectronic device that can perform many computational task.

But since it is a machine, these computer’sthey really can’t do anything on their own. so to get any job done using the computerwe need to give instructions to this computer and according to our instructions, these computerwill work.

These instructions which are given to thiscomputer are called as the “Program“ and the person who is going to write these instructionsor who is going to give this instructions is called as a “”Programmer” Now the language in which these instructionsare written or these programs are written is called as the “Programming Language”.

So here the programmer will use any of theprogramming language available and write the computer program or the instructions and accordingto this program the computer will work.

So here cplusplus is one of the programminglanguage that can be used to write the computer programs. There are a lot of programming languages available.

for example we have C, we have C Sharp, wehave Java, we have PHP, we have Python. You know a lot of programming languages areavailable and C plus plus is one of the programming language.

All Right. Now the next thing is why this C++ was createdand when it was created? This C plus plus programming language wascreated by “Bjarne Stroustrup” and his team in 1979 at the bell Laboratories of NewJersey.

Now when this language was created, they didn’tdirectly called it as “C plus plus” Instead they called it as “C with classes” During the 1970’s C programming languagewas one of the most used and the most popular programming language and even to this dayC programming language is one of the most famous programming language.

But C programming language has its own limitations. year by year the computational capacity ofthe computers increased and also the programming complexity increased.

Now the problem with C programming languagewas as the programming complexity increased and the programs tend to become larger, itwas difficult to manage and write the code using the C language for those complex computationaltask.

So Bjarne Strostroup and his team they startedworking on the C programming language they added a lot of features, the main featurethey added was the object oriented programming features and then they created this new languagecalled as “C with classes” Now here this “ class “ it is actuallya part of the object oriented programming.

This object oriented programming is an entirelydifferent programming approach from the programming approach used in the C language.

And here the object oriented programming featureswhich was added to this “C with classes” was mainly influenced by another object oriented programming language which was existing during that time called as the simula 67 now this new language “C with classes”you know it had the features from two great programming languages you know it had thefeatures from the C programming language and also it had some features from the similar67.

Now the new language which was created inwhich is the “C with classes” was a better choice for writing the programs where theprogrammers have to perform some Complex programming operations.

And after that in 1983 they renamed this “Cwith classes” with “C++” Now hear the interesting thing is this ++it is actually an operator from the C language and this ++ is an increment operator and heresince this new language is an incrementation or the next step of the C language you knowthey named it as C++.

so this is it guys this is about some informationabout what exactly is c plus plus and about its history now.

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