What is Coding


In this five-minute video your perception about coding will be at a new level so keep watching what is exactly coding it’s a questionmark for many among us and some feel that it’s a difficult task but zip code is here to help you if us five minute of your day we will open you a path toexplore coding coding is completely similar to what we do in our daily lifeare you wondering how we will show you with .

An example this is Bob Bob waswalking through the route it was a beautiful day suddenly Bob see a pathhole in front of him he jumped across the path hole and resumed his walking weall will do the same action but if it was a baby Bobby he won’t know what todo just like a baby computer don’t know what to do .

When he find a path hole infront of him so we should teach the computer to jump if he see a path holethe way of teaching the computer is coding let’s teach computer simply we teach the baby like if you see a path hole jum across it whereas in computer if see a path hole jump* across it elsewalk .

So coding is a set of instructions that a computer can understand code isall around you like watching youtube video using Instagram Facebook debitcard or anything that uses battery or what gives intelligence for an aeroplaneto fly all are happening by the help of code this is what coding is forcommunication .

we use different languages like English Malayalam cetera just likeusing different language computer to uses different language to communicatewith us that is programming language one of the important question that everyonefaces when they started coding is what language should .

I learn first that ridof all these doubts it’s not about learning anything new it is aboutexpanding your logic to an implementation just before we saw thelogic about jumping the path hole when you see a path hole just jump* thatby understanding this logic about coding you have conquered the first level ofyour coding journey .

I started my coding journey using Python and I prefer youPython itself because it’s easy and diversely used let’s break down a smallpiece of code using Python we all are using mobile phonenowaday our cell phone has the power to recognize our fingerprint to unlock thephone phone gets unlocked only if the input fingerprint is registered beforeelse the phone will ask you to try again .

let’s code that process using Pythonit’s like this if you are a beginner then this might look strange I will helpyou to read it we usually read it one line at a time computer to read thelanguage one line at a time first there is a key word if and inside theparanthesis the condition is checked I can either be true or false here wehave two were input fingerprint and registered.

Fingerprint this two arecalled variables this word save all type of information like pictures namesaddress etc two equal signs means that we are comparing this two variables .

sowe can read like this if variables input fingerprint and registered fingerprintare equal then execute the next couple of statements till else you can seebetween the FNL statement there is a code that unlocked the phone what if the input fingerprint don’tequal two registered fingerprint statement below else get executedso to summarize the thought input fingerprint matches with registeredfingerprint then unlock the phone otherwise tell them to try againthe people who writes codes are called as coders developers work.

programmersthe written codes must be compiled mean human understandable code that we workedbefore should be converted to zero and one that the machine can understand andthey are called machine language this codes away complex for human tounderstand we make this code simpler by programming languages there are lots ofway to start programming you don’t even need a college degree for that try tosolve a coding problem by your own .

If it results in error just google searchedgoogle is the best platform for us if you really want to code and not muchmotivated click on the link above and watch our coding motivational video getmotivated so are you going to start coding today let me know in the commentsection below make sure to subscribe our Channel because you won’t miss the nextvideo on coding

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