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Introduction to IOT and will understandwhy we require IOT after that we’ll take a quick overview on how IOT works andthe architecture of it as well and lastly we’ll check out the applicationsand the usage of the Internet of Things and last but not the least will checkout my final thoughts on the session to start out with let me ask you this didyou know that by the time you pretty much read everything when you screenright.

Now by the time you saw the tiny animation there are 4,000 new devices which connected to the Internet just now so all in total there are 50 billiondevices that are connected to the Internet worldwide today and in theinternet rush era everyone wants to get into the Internet today right so be itor you know attaining new information be it into using your internet as amarketplace or as an entertainment place you know .

So if you want any newinformation you’re reading something you want to learn something master you newIT skills for example you will come to the Internet and then if you want tosell something if you want to become an e retailer or anything like that youwill come to the Internet as well and then if you’re looking for someentertainment beet Netflix or any other music source TV watching source orwhatever it is you will come to the Internet so you realize that we canactually validate why 50 billion devices across the world are actually connectedto the Internet today I know that not if these many devices are connected to theInternet.

How best can one make use of it and this brings us to the quickintroduction to IOT when we talk about IOT the first thing we need to discussis what is IOT well Iot is basically an interconnected web of objects and theseobjects in our case are called as things hence Internet of Things so basicallythese things the objects that we talk about are guided with sensors they havesoftware present they have a lot of hardware and all of these combinetogether to achieve one single purpose to achieve one single goal so there aremultiple goals of IOT and we’ll be covering in the next part of the sessionas well .

So whenever you think of Internet of Things whenever you think ofanything IOT the first thing that might come into your mind is all the hardwareand the software which works in coordination to make it work so why dowe require IOT in today’s world we have fifty billion devices connected to theweb so or in today’s world we need to and that with these many devicesconnected there is a lot of data being generated right so there’s zetta bytesthere’s petabytes and whatever is the new term for 10 power x where you know Xcan be 15 20.

So open this much amount of data has being generated every day weunderstand that by using data science we can make use of these data to drive ourcapability better to take nicer decisions to take decisions which willhelp in the short term and the long term as well so with respect to a iot withiot we have more data and now we can club it Club it and with the rightsoftware and hardware to make better decisions so the next thing is smarthealthcare with respect to IOT when we talk about smart healthcare it’s allabout your well-being to the best where you can use the latest bit of hardwareand software which is available to you to probably.

Let your doctors know to letyour physicians know about your current health conditions current well-being andwhat not even if they are not physically present with you and all you need to dois have these devices at hand and ensure that you have an active internetconnection and you will have the access to the entire world of smart healthcareand the next thing is convenience and automation so with respect to IOT youcan change all the mundane tasks done by humans and basically make everythingsmart and convenient for the people.

So what this does is this ensures that yourworkforce your population will basically put in their time and efforts to thetasks that are more productive that are more qualitative and at the end of theday which drive more insights to your business and of course if you have smartwearable technology if you’re building smart cities if you have a smart homeand everything smart at the end of the day it increases the quality of yourlife totally right so you can open your door by sitting at your office by theclick of a button on your phone for example if you have guests at home somost of the time it so happens that we are at work to work and there’s adelivery package at our home and 90% of the time either we leave it with ourneighbors or

We ask for the next day delivery well with the use of IOT youcan actually ensure that you know you can have a small separate box whichopens at your command and at the end of the day you can have these parcels andpackets sent into that box and then you can later lock it remotely and whatnotwell the one thing you need to know about IOT is that the absolute endlesshunt for making things smart everything from smartwatches as I just mentioned to smart shoes to basically anything you canthink of so it can be a smart health tracker whatever it is if it isassociated with the word smart there is a 70% probability that it includessomething to do with the Internet of Technology so now coming to IOT as acarrier well these are among the four most important reasons of why you shouldconsider IOT to be your carrier the first thing is that it is among the top10 jobs in the entirety of this decade it was in the top 10 jobs for the lastdecade and it has been projected

It’s gonna remain in a higher spot at thisdecade as well so make sure to check out the intelepats video on the top 10jobs of this decade to know more about this now coming to business requirementsin today’s world everyone wants their problems to be solved at the quickestwith respect to IOT there is this demand and supply created where the demand ishigh while supply is less and just for this one particular reason if you jumpon the IOT trend you can make a very good carrier out of it and ofcourse we live in the mobile era right so for 80% of our tasks during theentirety of the day we look at our Mobile’s for its speed browsing theInternet beat ordering food beat our getting into a meeting whatever it is sowe are the mobile era so we are a generation of mobile users who arebasically achieving goals and feats which could have not been done probably10 years before now anyway 20 years ago this would have just been fiction rightand of course another important reason it’s is that IOT is a one-stop solutionto everything be it be it recycling be green energy beat your health monitoringbe it smart cycles be it your working environment being smart beat powersaving whatever it is so we can go on and name unlimited number ofapplications on why IOT should be a very good career path for you guys and of course at the end of the day it is an amazing career path and then.

When wehave to talk about how IOT actually works well IOT works on a five mainprinciple components are one it’s the hardware hardware consists of all ofthese sensors the actuators and everything which form the actual deviceis this the part of the sensing layer which means check out in thearchitecture and then comes the software then you have to talk about software youwill be writing custom code and custom programming concepts where you’ll behelping this hardware talk to the internet and of course.

Ifyou have to make a software talk to the internet you actually need access to theInternet and this is where there’s the protocol layer where you’ll be actuallymaking your software and hardware connected to each other we are theinternet and then when you think about it when you’re on the internet you needsome security so defining security protocols to ensure that your software’syour hardware and in fact the entirety of your IOT device is safe the security protocols are very much important and then of course after all of this is doneyour device is ready now you need a way to control this to control.

All of thisyou can make use of your computer you can make use of your mobile and at theend of the day anything that’s connected to the Internet can have access to thisso here is where you have your application here is where you’d haveyour dashboard here is where basically you will have the controlling entity togo on make changes used or IOT device and everything else so if you have totalk about the IOT stack the first thing that we need to talk about is when we say.

Internet of Things the thing is basically the goal objects so this thingis the entity is the asset that we want to control it can be the device which wewant to monitor as well so to do this we understand the first step is to have athing so after we get the thing that we want to control and monitor we need toprovide it with some data so in the data acquisition stage we ensure that we geta signal and we make the software talk to the hardware by converting thesoftware from an analog s format which is basically the result of the input andthe outputs of the hardware and convert all of this into a digital format afterthe data has been converted into a digital format and read by the softwarewell to combine and use this software with data present present everywhere.

You need to have access to data processing methodologies with respect to dataprocessing methodologies you have data analytics data processing techniques andof course if you have analyzed the data if you have processed data you need aplace to store it there comes data storage and of courseat the end of it you need a communication module where your devicescan either communicate on a local network or they can communicate via acloud network or any other third party network communication systems as well sothe stack begins by having a goal thing then we have the data acquisition afterquiring the data we perform data processing and after data processing wehave the communication module where your IOT device can talk to a network stackall in all and of course if you’re talking about IOTwise management.

We have four important things we need to cover there’snotifications security updates data reports and our data updates as wellwith respect to notifications every time there is a change in your IOT deviceevery time there is a change in the network or the behavior of your devicethe user or the person who’s programming it must have a notification and ofcourse security updates are something very important because your devices willbe connected to a network when it’s connected to a network and especially tothe internet or people with malign intent are present everywhere to makesure that your device does not succumb to this we need to provide our securityupdates as well and of course data reports are a process of eitherdebugging your IOT devices or ensuring that it is a goal.

For example if you arewearing a SmartWatch indicating the data reports is the goal how much what is thenumber of kilometers that you’ve run what does the GPS position of you whenyou were running what was the inclination or probably what was yourheartbeat and much more right so these data reports can be the goals in most ofthe cases which is very important and then we have the general data updateswhere every second your Iove device has to have an interval where it keepsshuffling through the data and it keeps generating new information based on thisdata let’s consider the run example again let’s say you’re running around atrack and now do you want the data to be collected every single second do youwant the data to be collected and analyzed every 10 seconds 20 secondsright .

So you get the picture this is where you set an interval of dataupdates where these updates are taken in by a IOT devices processing is done andlater the data is pushed to the dashboard as well so how does datacommunicate when you talk about IOT the data movement in any IOT devices isbasically based on these six concepts Wi-Fi Bluetooth cellular mobile Internetand then we have the RFID who is basically the radio frequencyidentification then we have NFC which is Near Field Communication and the radiofrequency tower communications as well so basically these six are differentprotocols all and all together where some are near-field communicationdevices and some are far-field where they do have a particular rangefor example Wi-Fi will have a greater range than Bluetooth and you will get acellular connection in most of the places today because there are celltowers everywhere there are RF towers and with NFC for example or your deviceshave to be in close companion together to basically achievesort of communication and then you have RFID readers as well so when you thinkabout the ways your IOT device can communicate you can program your IOTdevice to communicate well so as you can see on your screen there are six majorprotocols that you can work with and with the combination of all of theseyour IOT device can become extremely powerful and of course what are theinteractions that goes on in the world of IOT.

So the first thing is basicallypeople-to-people interaction where a couple of people are sitting togetherdeciding on the goal deciding on what needs to be done what is the task athand what is the problem at hand and how they can solve it and after this is donepeople do computer interaction happens where a person is an IOT developer andhe’s programming the hardware are to basically talk to the software therewill be another software engineer whole collaborate with this hardwareprogrammer and so the end of the day or your people computer interaction is allabout making your IOT device are ready and be ready to connect to theinternet and of course after that is done comes the Machine and the datainteraction with respect to machine and the data interaction your IOT device oryour programming arena must have the capability of processing datapre-processing data analyzing data and even storing data so after all of thisis done there comes your data machine interaction where you know your data isoffered into your IOT device.

For example it might not be data of beingfed into IOT devices well it can be the data from the IOT device where it’s areporting and generating data for you too so as you can see the four mainimportant interactions that take place in the world of IOT is Key inunderstanding how one can go from the first stage of generating a plancreating a device all the way till ensuring that your data and your machinecan talk to each other when we talking about again Internet of Things the wordInternet will grab a lot of attention especially with respect to privacyespecially with respect to how it can be secured so there are three main thingswhen you talk about IOT security measures and the first thing is youshould be writing a program you should be making your device to be practicallyimpenetrable so if this is the case no one will have access to your device whois unauthorized and someone who has malign intents for it and after thatensuring that your data is secure ensuring that your data input your dataparameters and everything corresponding to that or whenever you’re working withyour IOT device is secure this will basically form the entire foundation ofensuring that you are IOT protocol your IOT network is safe and then in thisevolving world that we live in as fast as good things evolve well people withbad intentions also update at the same time.

So it’s key it’s one of the mostimportant things in the world of IOT to basically keep keep the software’s tothe laettner so to basically provide on-time updates to stay one step twosteps ten steps ahead of all of these people with negative intentions withthat we can take a quick look at the IOT architecture there are four importantlayers when you’re working with IOT and we can begin from the bottom-up approachin the first layer we have the sensing layer sensing layer is where youactually have your actuators you have your sensors and you have your entitieswhich can actually send something for example you might have a gas leakagedetector you might have a light sensor you might have a camera which can pickup motion and you can have an entity which can sense temperature around youand all of these two you’re getting the point here and even a heartbeat sensor Ihope you getting the point in the sensing layer so all of these sensinglayers have one specific task that they can do now to make these talk to otherlayers of the task you need one important layer which is the second layer

It’s the network layer as we discussed in the protocol section itmight be via bluetooth it might be be a Wi-Fi it might be via communications ofnear-field as well beat RFID bead NFC and even cellular mobile Internet soonce you make your sensing layers talk to me talk to these communicationprotocol these communications protocols will basically connect your sensinglayer to the data processing layer in the data processing layer it’sconsidered to be them so the data processing layer is considered to be theheart of an IOT device because it will take all the information from these aresensing devices and it will process this by making use of a CPU by making use ofa graphical processing unit be the tensor processing unit and be it a nichespecific unit which can analyze your sensors so this in coordination with thenetwork layer will ensure that your sensor layer is working fine it can beso the data processing layer also has the ability to debug your sensing layerit has the ability to work with and update your sensing layer software andmuch more coming to the application layer the application layeris basically the usage of everything that’s being done in the previous threelayers now be taking your data to the cloud creating a dashboard creating anAPI key where you can use this somewhere or creating a portable SmartWatch whereyou can access all of these data through the watch as well now we’ve seen thefeat of smartwatches in today’s world the watch there are top providers ofthis and these are some of the most classic examples of where IOT can be putinto full use be it your smartwatches beat anything else which can be a safetyhazard issue for example taking your data to the clouds monitoring yourprograms from anywhere across the world having connectivity to all of your IOTapps at an instant on your mobile phones and these form a very very importantaspect of the application layer because at the end of the day all the backend iscontrolled by the below three layers and the application layer is the front endwhere you will be in constant interaction with your IOT device so toadd to that so what are some of the top applications of IOT when you can thinkabout.

IOT again head to the comment section of this particular point of thevideo to let us know what your thoughts are and where you think IOT iscompletely fit for where it’s a staunch requirement in today’s world as wellcoming to the first most important application of IOT I think it’s in thefield of Agriculture so in today’s world of Agriculture wecan provide everything to the farmers that they need to basically step uptheir game in producing crops as well so it can be water monitoring systems itcan be soil parameter monitoring systems it can be automated systems of ourcultivating crops or whatever it is so keeping the agricultural sector updatedto keeping the agricultural sector connected to the rest of the worldreally internet and ensuring that they get everything that they’re required tocreate smart products and putting these smart products to use well that’severything about IOT and of course with respect to agriculture without whichnone of us can survive without which we cannot be here right now so this formsto be the number one application in my opinion of IOT coming to the secondimportant application of IOT it’s in healthcare of course again just asimportant as agriculture just as important as cropshealth is the next best thing so health is the thing which takes priority overeverything.

Else right so constant of this situation let’s say you are awayfrom your doctor but you do have access to the Internet in the future sense youcan pop a tiny pill and this pill will basically have a trance receiver whichcan talk to your mobile device which is connected to the IOT so which isconnected to the network layer and through which your doctor can check outcertain aspects certain parameters of what’s happening with your body arethrough the pill that you just ate the physician might be thousands of milesaway from you and it wouldn’t matter because it would be 90% similar in asituation where the physician would be right next to you as well of course inthe world of health care IOT is booming and IOT is being put to use every singleday

There are new aspects there are new items and when you think about it thereare new prospects which are generated with respect to healthcare every singleday so I was reading about performance enhancements where IOT is beingimplemented where you could think about heart monitoring systems which are notthese hefty devices that you wear but pretty much a single pill that you canswallow again so when you think about healthcare the number of applicationsthe number of devices that one can think of and one can create in the near futureis exemplary so coming to the next most important application of IOT it’s smarthomes well I personally make use of a smart home with a lot of IOT devicesconnected for example if it’s my house lighting its automated or the outdoorlighting is automated my aquarium lighting systems are automated and youknow we do have a baby monitor at the house as well so when you think about ityou can do a lot of things everything from keeping your door lock to be smartor insuring with GPS location of everyone in the house you can have athermostat to automatically control the temperature you can have automatedlighting as

I just mentioned automated camera tracking you can have a smartlawn which can water itself whenever it feels like it is dry enough so that itrequires water you can have an automated smart cooktop which can control thetemperature be it life tracking of all of your vehicles and parcels or whateverit is and of course in today’s world where water is a strong requirement youcan ensure you can put smart devices under you water taps are where you cancontinuously track and monitor water usage as well and then you can go on toname another 20 to 30 easy applications of IOT and at thethe day 90% of all of these are being implemented in today’s world so wheneveryou look around you you will see an usage of IOT somewhere so with theapplication of smart homes so if there are smart homes being used everywherethink about the end goal think about the bigger picture so basically thisgenerates and creates smart cities around the world with respective smartcities basically it’s a combination of smart homes and multiple other featureslike our keeping a database basically keeping a database of for example allthe people who use electric cars and ensuring that you can create one singlenetwork where everyone can have access to their smart goodies and their smartproducts which is powered by the world of Internet of Things well on that hereis my final thoughts so at this point of time you might be wondering if I requireany sort of fancy hardware to work with IOT well the answer is no when you’reworking with IOT all your hardware can be very simply acquired through theInternet most of it doesn’t even cost much as well and another note does thatmake sure that you stay safe in this moment of temporary quarantine andsocial distancing measures that we are taking and jump on the IOT trend trainand basically work on your dreams because IOT is booming and I would wantall of you to jump on this trend and make use of it the fullest on that noteyou have reached the end of the session

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